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Over the Summer Alpine Ski Club and Alpine Express merged under the new AZ Ski Club. Our goal is to improve your membership experience with more activities, both on the slopes and locally.  We aim to leverage our size as an organization, expand the club membership, and facilitate a variety of exciting events at affordable prices. Initially via this site, you'll be able to review events and sign-up online or still call our customer service line for additional information.

In addition to the new website, several beneficial features will eventually roll out to include event related forums, trip roommate search, and equipment sell/swap postings. We'll also be adding text messaging during trips to keep everyone updated to any gatherings or departure changes.

Until the end of October, membership is only $5 per person or $10 for your immediate family! We highly recommend signing up now for membership to have opportunity for desired reservations.

Note #1: This website will ultimately unite with

Note #2: We have a new phone number @ 602-612-5100. Not to worry, we also kept the old one!

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